Welcome to your comfortable place to stay
in Coonabarabran.

John Oxley Caravan officeJohn Oxley Caravan Park welcomes you to come and stay in one of the most friendly, clean and happy parks in NSW. And there is so much to see, you could stay for a week and not see everything. To take a peek at places like Sidings Springs, the Warrumbungles and more, visit our links page.




S31.26.736 E149.27.846

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The office is open from 8 to 7 seven days a week (though we occasionally take a bit of time off for lunch). Bookings are a must during peak times. Call us on 61 268 421 635 to confirm prices and availability. Bookings are not available online yet, but keep an eye on this page.

We cater for tent sites, drive through powered sites and cabins. You will need your own linen, but everything else is there, air conditioning, stoves, fridges, cutlery and plates, TVs the lot. See our facilities.

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